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With my Essence Healthcare plan, I get better coverage at a lower monthly premium than I did when I was working. Now that I’m retired, that’s very important.
Essence Healthcare Member
Our quality of life is a lot better because we chose Essence and it allows us some freedom that maybe we wouldn’t have had before.
Essence Healthcare Member
You can’t beat the Essence prescription coverage. Whatever medication I need is covered or I pay very little for it.
Essence Healthcare Member
Essence provides so much more benefit and at such a low cost. I’ve never seen anybody come close to that before.
Essence Healthcare Member
I want to know that I’m safe, and I’m covered, and that I’m going to be taken care of, and I am taken care of very well with Essence.
Essence Healthcare Member
I love the fact that if I’m busy, they remind me that I need to make an appointment. Essence will even help you make that appointment.
Essence Healthcare Member
I feel like it’s all very user friendly, everybody’s willing to help you. They just make you feel comfortable about what you’re doing.
Essence Healthcare Member
When we call, we don’t have to wonder if we’ll speak to someone local. They answer quickly and are great at follow-up communication too. That’s one of the main reasons why we switched to Essence—the personal connection is priceless.
Linda & Michael
Essence Healthcare Member

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