Serving the Missouri counties of Barry, Christian, Greene, Lawrence and Webster.

With Essence, You Get More of What Makes the Right Plan

More Flexibility. Our new Flexible Benefits Card allows you to access your plan’s over-the-counter (OTC) benefit when and where you want. Use your preloaded card in retail stores or online to pay for eligible health-related OTC items.
More Savings. Our plan includes many ways to save, such as $0 premium, $0 deductible, $0 primary care copay and $0 preferred generic medications.
More Doctors. Essence has a robust network of leading area providers—including the doctors and facilities of Mercy Health—all sharing our mission of delivering high-quality care.

Other Pharmacies, Physicians and Providers are available in our network.

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Essence Advantage
Monthly Premium
Plan Overview
Primary Doctor Copay $0
Specialist Copay $35
Annual Deductible $0
Generic Rx Drug Copay $0
Max. Out-of-Pocket Cost $3,200
Included Money-Saving Extra Benefits
Vision Care
Dental Coverage
Hearing Benefits
Fitness Club Membership
Worldwide Coverage while Traveling
Chiropractic Care
Generous Over-the-Counter Allowance