We’ve Got You Covered from Head to Toe

In addition to comprehensive hospital, medical and prescription drug coverage, Essence Healthcare also includes many valuable extras not offered by Original Medicare or Medicare supplements for no additional premium—just another way of helping you stay healthy while protecting your savings.

Vision Coverage

The quality of your vision and your eye health are so important to your overall health and well-being. If you need correction for your vision, our plan includes a preloaded Flexible Benefits Card for frames, contacts and more, but our vision coverage doesn’t end there.

Because an eye exam can tell your doctors so much about your overall health, we also include coverage for routine checkups and visits with vision specialists to make sure your eyes (and the rest of you) are healthy.

In addition to eyewear and routine checkups, we also cover vision services such as eye surgery, diabetic retinopathy screenings and screenings for people at high risk for glaucoma.

Dental Coverage

It’s easy to put on a smile. It’s not always easy—or affordable—to make sure your smile is healthy and pain free. At Essence Healthcare, we want to make sure that anything that affects your health is covered and that also means your teeth. Issues with your teeth can really wear on you both physically and financially, so that’s why every Essence Healthcare plan includes dental coverage for no additional premium.

Whether you simply need coverage for preventive dental services such as exams, X-rays and fluoride treatments, or you want more comprehensive coverage for things like fillings, extractions, root canals, dentures and more, we have a plan for you.

See Flex Card section for details on additional coverage for dental services and products.

Hearing Coverage

Hearing loss is a lot more common than most people realize. According to the Hearing Health Foundation, nearly one out of every three adults between the ages of 65 and 74 has experienced some level of hearing loss, and that number grows to nearly half of all adults after the age of 75.

All of our senses are important, but being able to hear clearly is especially critical to overall health, happiness, personal safety and the safety of others. All of our plans cover important hearing exams and screenings, and because hearing aids can get expensive, our plan also includes a preloaded Flexible Benefits Card to help with the cost.

Flexible Benefits Card

As an Essence Healthcare member you’ll receive a preloaded debit card to use across several categories including OTC, non-Medicare covered dental, vision and hearing. Use your card wherever, whenever you want—including with out-of-network providers—on what’s most important to you. Whether you need the total amount for one category or want to split it among others—it’s up to you!


Staying active can help you live your life to the fullest. That’s why we’ve partnered with SilverSneakers to give you free access to participating gyms, health clubs and a host of different classes for any fitness level.

Whether you want to work out at the gym, at home or outside, it’s all possible with SilverSneakers. If you want structure and guidance, in-person classes are available and include a range of options from classic strength-training workouts to yoga, swimming, dance and more.

And if the gym isn’t your thing, you can take advantage of live workouts and on-demand options at home, or join one of the SilverSneakers small group exercise classes outside of the gym in your community. Sometimes all it takes to get moving are the right options.

From national gyms to local community centers, there are over 15,000 fitness locations nationwide to choose from. And that’s good to know because you can use your SilverSneakers membership at any participating fitness center anywhere in the country—just another perk of being an Essence Healthcare member.

Transportation and Travel Coverage

Seeing your doctor on a regular basis is important, and we never want your ability to get to your appointments to be an issue. That’s why we include free transportation services to doctors and authorized medical facilities as part of your plan membership. If you need to go to the pharmacy to pick up a prescription, our transportation service can help with that, too.

Using your transportation benefit is simple and easy. As an Essence Healthcare member, you’ll be given a number to call to schedule your trip. Just provide where and when you want to go. And a driver will be there to take you to your destination. And if you have any special transportation needs, such as a wheelchair, they can help you with that, too.

Going out of town, visiting friends and family in another state, or maybe traveling abroad? Rest easy knowing that if you get sick or injured while away from your home, your emergency or urgent-care services are covered.

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